Concept study

Each project has its own objectives according to the beneficiary's wishes and needs. Considering this, FORMA CreativDesign produces  together with the beneficiary an elaborated study in order to clarify all the details.


After clarifying all the details together with the client, our team moves to the next phase, namely conducting surveys and measurements required by the subsequent design of the facilities desired, and its components, to a detailed execution phase. Often this phase overlaps with the complexity of these projects and the emergence of unpredictable elements.


Further to the CONCEPT STUDY, our designers and architects elaborate different types of projects that consists of studies of shape, colour, volumetric, ergonomic and other design needed to establish the typology solution to be achieved.

After this stage, all the necessary projects both for authorization and execution of works are elaborated and delivered to the designing engineers in order to achieve project execution. .


After the conceptual phase, in which designers and architects define all the compositional elements, the entire task moves to the designing engineers, that analyze all the specialized details and generates specific execution projects: constructions, resistance, electric installations, plumbing, HVAC, interior designing, furniture, etc.


An important part of the services offered by FORMA is the warranty and post warranty, in fact the grant for the decorations executed by the integrated product of the appropriate warranty terms with maintenance services included. Thus, during the warranty period, the customer's request to remedy defects shall be free of costs for the construction or hidden causes, and with a fee for the utilization causes.
In the post-warranty period, all fixes are fee based on an estimate approved by the customer. The advantage of this service is the fact that remediation costs are calculated at the minimum prices, and the operation is performed by specialists who have achieved the elements of the implementation.