FORMA CreativDesign is a company specialized in interior and exterior design, and represents a unitary concept with overall vision that brings together in one entity producers of: laminated wood interior and exterior doors and windows, wood furniture and veneered items, natural stone tiles and paving, wrought iron and casted elements, ceramic mosaics, landscaping.
With the help of a connected team of designers, architects, designing engineers and craftsmen, FORMA CreativDesign is a CONCEPT STORE for any project for habitation.
Each project has its own objectives according to the beneficiary's wishes and needs. Considering this, FORMA CreativDesign makes together with the beneficiary an elaborated study in order to clarify all the details.
Further to the CONCEPT STUDY, our designers and architects elaborate different types of projects that consists of studies of shape, colour, volumetric, ergonomic and other design needed to establish the typology solution to be achieved.
After this stage, there are elaborated all the necessary projects both for authorization and execution of works and those to be delivered to the designing engineers in order to achieve project execution.
After the conceptual phase, in which designers and architects define all the compositional elements, the entire task moves to the designing engineers, that analysis all the specialized details and generates specific execution projects: constructions, resistance, electric installations, plumbing, HVAC, interior designing and furniture.